BREA, California, October 13, 2022 — Yamaha, Bolin and Audinate have joined together to offer a single system that couples Yamaha’s ADECIA Conferencing systems with Bolin’s high-performing 4K and Full HD Dante AV-Ultra native PTZ cameras, to provide systems integrators and end-users with a system to create collaboration spaces with perfectly-timed audio and video on one network switch.

“This collaboration with Yamaha and Bolin highlights the power of Dante AV and its ability to unite incredible technology partners in a way that ultimately makes it easier for people to create and operate systems that better meet their needs,” said Joshua Rush, Chief Marketing Officer, Audinate.

The ADECIA solutions help overcome challenges with implementation, configuration and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation (microphones, speakers, audio processor and switch) and automatic technologies that reduce set up time, costs and complexities. The system offers three microphone options – ceiling, wired tabletop and wireless.

Commenting on the solution, Michelle Baeza, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Yamaha Unified Communications said today, “The combined impact of proven experts on audio, video, transport, and control coming together to offer one comprehensive UC system is something integrators and end-users have asked for and which we can now deliver upon with this partnership. Yamaha and Audinate’s long standing relationship is even further bonded with new offerings focused around this latest technology and Bolin’s unique Dante AV cameras.”

Echoing this sentiment, Jennifer Lee, Director of Sales at Bolin noted, “Our native Dante AV Ultra cameras combine the power and simplicity of Dante networks with best-in-class PTZ performance and image quality. The D412 and D220, paired with the Yamaha ADECIA system, provide perfectly timed video and audio for a scalable, dependable, collaborative, and enhanced UC solution.”

Bolin’s D Series Dante AV Ultra PTZ cameras, the D412 4K60 and D220 Full HD, provide uncompromised video quality with extremely low latency and AV synchronization. The D Series Dante AV cameras offer high-quality, rich color images with quiet and smooth Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capability. These high-performing cameras are fully compatible with all existing Dante audio and video systems.

To learn more about these products, please visit:

https://staging27.bolintechnology.com and https://uc.yamaha.com/products/adecia/ and  https://www.audinate.com/products/software/dante-studio

Bolin Dante AV Ultra PTZ Camera working with Yamaha ADECIA System Via Dante Studio

1. Ceiling Array Microphone, RM-CG
2. Remote Conference Processor,RM-CR
3. Dante PoE Powered Speaker System, VXL1B-16P
4. Intelligent L2 Network Switch 
5. Bolin Dante AV Ultra PTZ Camera, D220
6. Room Controller
7. PC-Running Dante Studio & Video Conferencing App