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A large house of worship must ensure that audio and video qualities are at their best when engaging in-person congregation as well as remote attendees. Music is a big part of the worship service and having time synchronization of audio channels with clear videos are important parts of the worship experience.

Large venues require large audio infrastructures to bring in wired and wireless mics, speakers, audio mixes , large and small displays. With Dante AV PTZ cameras , encoder and decoder endpoints, audio and video channels of various resolutions, and features can be configured and managed using the Dante Controller.

Dante AV PTZ cameras with 4K and Full HD resolution can be placed strategically to capture the speaker, choir, musicians and congregation in the main sanctuary as well as to connect and distribute the same audio and video to other rooms via the existing IT infrastructure. Dante AV camera videos and audio channels can be streamed to desired cloud platforms to share the worship service with remote users all over the world.

Dante AV enabled 4K60 and Full HD PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders can be seamlessly added to existing Dante audio workflows using the Dante Controller.

House Of Worship: Large House Of Worship using Dante and Dante AV video



Ballrooms and similar entertainment spaces are extremely busy environments where no two days are the same. Microphones, monitors and other equipment will connect into different points around the room to distribute audio and video. Many suites have room dividers letting you split the space up for several simultaneous events. This can result in the need for a lot of analog cabling to cope with all the different possible connections.

Transform these multifunctional spaces with Dante AV. Connect your audio mixing console anywhere on the network, place your Dante AV enabled cameras anywhere on the same network and use the Dante Controller to split the space into discrete spaces for simultaneous events managing audio and video links.

Using standard 1Gpbs IT network infrastructure, you can have dozens of audio channels at any connection point in the room along with time synchronized video. Running audio and video to a nearby reception area is simple and easy – just add another input / output on the network.

Enhance audience interaction and guest engagement by bringing in live video and media center content using Dante AV enabled 4K60 and Full HD PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders.

Hospitality: Ballroom using Dante and Dante AV video



A small bar or restaurant may have two areas with their own volume control. You need to be able to plug in music sources, the occasional microphone and even Bluetooth audio from mobile devices. Some premises will need a paging microphone, and some will relay sound from their television system.

Dante simplifies connectivity, even in small set ups. Using industry standard, low-cost ethernet cabling, everything runs back to one or more network switches. Using a networked connection, you have no concerns about hums and buzzes associated with analog connections.

You can expand your system at any time simply by connecting more devices and switches to your network. Making changes to a system using Dante is easier, less expensive and more feasible than with many analog systems. There is no need to reroute wires as any of the network jacks can be used for any Dante-enabled device. For example, a mixer can be moved out to the patio for a special dinner and back inside for the dancing with no configuration changes needed.

Hospitality: Two Zone Bar using Dante and Dante AV video



Live performances must engage the audience to provide rich audio and video experiences by using dozens of device inputs, utilizing many microphones, speakers, mixers, video cameras, displays and playback units. In large venue live performance arenas, there are large screen video monitors for the audience as well as the performers. Along with main performance audio, there are additional outputs to different amplifier racks to drive the main PA and monitor loudspeakers to distribute audio.

Dante AV simplifies the video and audio infrastructure, removing dozens or even hundreds of analog audio connections and dedicated HDMI video connections. Cat5 or fiber links connect it all together and you can expand beyond the main stage to accommodate backstage and private rooms. A single network clock keeps the entire system in sync regardless of the number of endpoints, transporting audio and video with low, deterministic latency. If you want to connect to broadcast or to a recording console – it just takes connecting one cable.

Dante AV enabled 4K60 and Full HD PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders can be added to existing Dante audio workflows using the Dante Controller.

Live Performance: Touring using Dante and Dante AV video

House Of Worship: Small House Of Worship using Dante and Dante AV video

House Of Worship: Large House Of Worship using Dante and Dante AV video



Lecture halls are large rooms used for instructing a large group of students. A typical room will have tiered seating with the lecturer at the front of the hall with numerous audio requirements such as radio mics, table or lecture microphones , and AV presentation systems .

With Dante AV enabled audio and video devices, lecturer can deliver high quality AV experience evenly to students sitting in the front of the room and at the back of the room with optimal engagement. Dante AV enabled 4K60 and Full HD PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders connect to existing IT infrastructure to deliver high quality audio and video with time synchronization with simplicity and flexibility.

Education: Lecture Hall using Dante and Dante AV Video



Dante AV audio and video solution for classroom leverages existing IT infrastructure to simultaneously give lectures, stream on demand and record for future use. Dante AV enabled classrooms and learning environments allow installations that are simple, scalable, flexible and with highest quality of video and audio to optimize learning experiences for both the faculty and students.

The biggest advantage of network -based AV design is that any video and audio signals can be distributed to any location. With Dante AV integrated devices, audio and video streams move with time synchronization to ensure highest quality of information sharing for students.

Smart learning environments must be flexible to support smaller groups with capabilities to quickly expand to accommodate overflow rooms with cameras, microphones, displays/projectors, and networked sound systems to facilitate interaction. This is possible with Dante AV enabled audio and video solutions.

For students who are on-campus but constrained by isolation requirements, Dante AV network environment provides high-quality access to live and on-demand lectures and content utilizing existing school network. For those who are taking classes off-campus, Dante AV powered video and audio can be linked to streaming services with centralized management of all devices and content.

Education: Classroom using Dante and Dante AV Video



Video conferencing suites and boardroom meetings need flexibility when installing AV equipment.

Dante AV redefines how audio and video connectivity works in a corporate environment by using existing network infrastructure to deliver high quality audio and video to participants . Dante AV enabled microphones , speakers , cameras, encoders and decoders can be shared across multiple rooms and these devices are centrally managed using the Dante Controller.

Corporate: Video Conferencing & Boardroom using Dante and Dante AV Video