Ceiling Mount Bracket for Indoor Camera

  • BL-CM/W-01$85 MSRP
  • BL-CM-01$85 MSRP
  • This item is currently unavailable at this time. Please check with your sales representative for the appropriate alternative.


  • New designed ceiling mount, coming soon. Final design TBD, product images only for reference.
  • Model Number: BL-CM-01 (Black), BL-CM/W-01 (White),
  • Use for Bolin VCC 7 Series, VCC 8 Series, BC-9 Series, BC-7 Series, D Series PTZ camera wall mount.
  • The set of the mounting bracket includes two piece of parts, one for being mounted on camera body, the other one for being mounted on ceiling surface.
  • A safety chain is provided for locking up the camera body from bottom with the ceiling piece.
  • Screw lock is included.
  • Weight:0.5kg
  • This bracket is not included with the product, sold separately.
  • Order Information(Part Number): BL-CM-01 (Black)-L3030028
  • Order Information(Part Number): BL-CM/W-01 (White)-L3030027