Dante AV-Ultra™ and Dante AV-H™ PTZ Camera,
Ultra™ Transceiver and …



  • Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV-H Comparison
  • Dante AV Meets Dante Controller Deep Dive
  • How Easy Is It to Setup a Dante AV Network
  • Three Primary Streams from Dante AV Cameras
  • Universal PTZ Controller
  • A Closer Look at Bolin's Dante AV Transceiver!
  • Changing a D20 Transceiver from Encoder to Decoder
  • A fun look at Dante AV and Latency
  • How to Get Baseband Video onto the Dante AV Network
  • Using Dante Studio to Bridge Dante AV into a PC for Broadcast, Streaming, and Conferencing
  • Bolin Dante AV Launch
  • Bolin Dante AV Camera and Decoder Introduction
  • Bolin Dante AV PTZ Camera D220 Video Latency Test
  • Dante AV PTZ Camera Control
  • Bolin Dante AV PTZ Camera D412 Video Latency Test
  • Dante PTZ Camera and Decoder Introduction
  • Dante AV NetworkingTitle

Press & Events

  • Dante AV™ Dual-Stream PTZ Camera

    Bolin Newly Introduced Dante AV™ Dual-Stream PTZ Camera Won Best Of Show 2023 At ISE

  • The Dante AV Promotional Pricing Period is Extended

    Given Dante AV project's longer planning time, promotion price period is now extended. Bolin is offering promotional pricing on Dante AV Ultra equipment, making it even easier to experience the power of Dante AV Ultra.

  • Yamaha Collaborates with Bolin and Audinate Dante AV enabled UC Solution

    “Our native Dante AV cameras combine the power and simplicity of Dante networks with best-in-class PTZ performance and image quality. The D412 and D220, paired with the Yamaha ADECIA system, provide perfectly timed video and audio for a scalable, dependable, collaborative, and enhanced UC solution.”

  • Dante Virtual Studio Plugin

    ■ Dante Studio brings Dante video features to PCs. It is a plugin which appears as a valid webcam to Windows PCs.
    ■ Enhance your PC's capabilities and extend the functionality of software applications with Dante Video RX, Dante Video TX, and Dante Video Viewer, customers can now stream Dante AV video using vMIX, OBS, Teams, Zoom and other PC streaming platforms for live production and a complete networkable AV workflow.

  • Dante over Distance with Blue Note Entertainment Group

    See the power of Dante AV across 3 locations, 750 miles, multiple audio & video streams

  • Dante AV Webinar: The Ease of Dante, Now for Video

    Thank you for registering for the webinar "Dante AV: The Ease of Dante, Now for Video" held on July 21.

  • Dante Connect

    Bolin offered hands-on Dante AV Ultra customer experience. Registered participants of Dante Connect - Dallas & LA were able to speak directly to Bolin about Dante AV Ultra, ask integration and operation questions, and interact with Dante AV Ultra gear. The unique Dante Connect environment allowed for greater flexibility and time for detailed, personal exchanges, providing valuable experiences for Bolin and for the participants.

Product Facts

  • Dante AV™ Camera Video Latency Test

    Witness the Ultra Low Latency performance of Dante AV video.
      The human eye may not notice the latency…

  • Dante AV PTZ camera video streaming bandwidth

    It is important to understand the Dante AV bandwidth requirements to achieve the best performance from your audio/video endpoints. 

  • Dante AV PTZ camera control via Dante Network

    Control Bolin Dante AV PTZ camera using IP PTZ camera controller KBD1010-RNV and IR remote controller via Dante network and Dante AV decoder D10H


  • Bolin Dante AV™ Camera Application

    See how Bolin Dante AV Camera and Decoder can be used within your existing Dante audio system.

  • Dante AV Application Diagrams

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    Get a head start on your AV system design